Intelligent Cloud Operations
Ensuring IT Operational Continuity in Disruptive Times

There is nothing like global events to test the stability of IT operations. The resulting economic pressures inevitably lead to shortcuts that increase the chance of operational instabilities and consequent financial risk to the business.

Our expertise is in making cloud platforms operate efficiently and continuously even in challenging times. We take a highly practical approach that enables us to achieve stability and performance while eliminating unnecessary costs. We prioritise the intelligent use of existing technologies, rather then investing in new products. We advise how to fix poor DevOps practices that misuse resources and impact platform stability.

Some examples of our current and past work:

Failover & redundancy
  • Zone, regional and cloud provider failover
  • Hybrid cloud & on-prem strategies
  • Failover automation & testing
  • Comprehensive redundancy strategies
High availability
  • Architecture of HA applications to meet business SLAs
  • Back-end, front-end & geographic load-balancing
  • Scale-in/out strategies for complex applications
  • Backup strategies and processes
  • Pragmatic Kubernetes implementations
Logging & Monitoring
  • Intelligent use of ITOA data for early failure detection
  • Automated processing using metrics
  • Metric-based continuous capacity planning
DevOps & CloudOps
  • Operational handbooks & checklist development
  • Standardisation and simplification strategies
  • Development of "glue" scripts for greater process automation
  • Configuration management best practices
  • Design & code audits to identify inefficiencies and risks

We provide advisory services on a daily-rate basis while most other engagements are on a fixed fee basis.

To have an informal chat, please contact us using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.