Selected Case Studies

Here are highlights from some of our past engagements.

A global client had developed an in-house Kubernetes-based PaaS to support both internal and external client applications. This platform was originally deployed in several AWS regions, but the client needed to ability deploy into Azure regions as well. The goal was to enable seamless, agnostic and automated deployment of workloads in any region on either cloud or in hybrid configurations. At the same time, the client wanted to explore OpenShift as an alternative PaaS for the future.

We successfully led the initial port of this custom platform to Azure, demonstrating that a true cloud-agnostic approach was feasible. In addition to management, architecture and planning tasks, we developed much of the initial tooling, focusing on creating a "one-click" deployment approach for both the platform itself and any layered components. We also led a PoC in which we demonstrated that OpenShift was a strategic option as the next generation PaaS platform for the client.

ResponsibilitiesC-Level advisory services
Overall migration architecture
Kubernetes architecture
Azure architecture
Selected TopicsSecurity (OATH, RBAC/IAM)
Global redundancy & Failover strategies
Global network routing
Global data management
Hybrid cloud strategies
Standardisation of deployment, apps and tooling
Cross-cloud DNS management
Multi-cloud CI/CD best practices
TechnologiesKubernetes, Docker, Puppet, Helm/Helm3, Python, Fluentd, Prometheus, Grafana, AKS, EKS, OpenShift, Kafka, EMR, KMS, Route53, Lambda, CloudWatch, Direct Connect, CloudFormation, SNS, SQS, Jenkins, GoCD, Splunk, DataDog, Catchpoint, Fluentd, Git, Gerrit, Storm, Spark.

A startup client initiated a greenfield project for an enterprise logging, monitoring and operational event processing platform. The product featured automated real-time analysis, advanced pattern detection, custom rules engine and auto-discovery. As this was a greenfield project, we were brought in to lead the architecture and implementation for the initial release.

ResponsibilitiesOverall architecture and implementation
AWS, Azure, OpenShift architecture
Selected TopicsApplication redundancy & failover
Rapid deployment tooling for multiple target platforms
High availability strategies
Custom configuration management
Automated processing based on ITOA data
High performance data processing
TechnologiesStorm, Kafka, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Solr, Spring, Spring Boot, Zookeeper, LXC, Hadoop, Hbase, Spark, Python, Yarn, HAproxy, rsyslog, OpenStack, Selinux, Kerberos, OpenShift, Docker, AWS, Xen.

A large EU telco client was developing a multi-layer - IaaS, PaaS - cloud for public and private customers. We were brought in to help with various architecture aspects of the project. We developed the underlying IaaS data model, acted as a technical consultant for development teams, provided strategic advice to senior management, assisted in revamping internal DevOps processes and the CI/CD pipeline

ResponsibilitiesSenior architectural consultant
Strategic advisor
DevOps strategies & process development
Technical leadership & selected implementations
Selected TopicsBare-metal cloud
Early failure detection with ITOA data
DevOps tooling standarisation
Design & code audits
TechnologiesNSX, vSphere/vCenter, Puppet, OpenShift 3.x, Jenkins, OpenStack (Nova, Neutron, Heat, Horizon, Ironic), PXE, ScaleIO, NetApp, AD, Java, Spring, Fluentd, Splunk, Grafana, Docker.