Solving the Technology Paradox

Modern businesses are faced with countless moving targets in technology, from architecture paradigms to products, from methodologies to tools. Without proper strategy and governance, companies inevitably find themselves in the position of spending more time chasing technology evolutions and trends, while suffering increasing IT delivery costs and decreasing technology ROI.

We call this situation the "Technology Paradox", in which technology evolution is actually harming companies' ability to execute. In the name of change, many useless or ill- advised technology trends are being adopted without proper vetting or governance. Such trends later turn out to be unsuitable for the organization, but only after considerable time and money has been wasted.

We find that many companies lack appropriate strategies for handling technology changes. The most common effect is that corporate IT departments will tolerate far too many technical directions at once, or will rely on the advice of experts who have no practical basis for their recommendations. Over time this leads to an increased level of chaos that negatively impacts the core IT mission of supporting the business.

Some symptoms of this situation that we frequently encounter are:

  • Costly technology implementations that are soon abandoned either because they fail to live up to their promises or replaced by another "hot" trend.
  • Projects that consistently run over time and budget, but still do not deliver full value to the end-users.
  • Increasing use of process and methodology consultants without a corresponding change in IT efficiency (or even an actual decrease in IT efficiency).
  • A growing list of portfolio products that either conflict with each other or overlap in functionality, while teams continue to lack the basic functionality they require to do their jobs.

We are a unique consultancy that helps companies improve their use of technology for greater business success. Our expertise is in aligning technology with business in a way that supports the business without letting technology run out of control.

We assess how well corporate IT supports business goals. We investigate and address technology issues that are negatively impacting business. We create technical strategies that are grounded in business and technical realities. Finally, we provide technical guidance and advisory services to insure that the company stays on course to successfully achieve corporate goals.

All of our advice is based on real-world experience gained over many years of working at senior management levels in companies around the world. Our knowledge of technology is based on the practical, hands-on experience of designing, building, implementing and operating a wide variety of complex IT systems across different domains. As a client, you will get the very best advice out there - advice that is never academic, but always pragmatic and realistic.